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Cutting Edge Upholstery

Why Reupholster Cutting Edge

Why reupholster instead of buying new?

  • Recycle & reuse higher quality, older hardwood frames.
  • Quality furniture is a good investment.  It is cheaper to reupholster than to buy new.
  • Family heirlooms maintain integrity and structural strength
  • Customize the fit of the furniture to the user so it is ergonomically comfortable
  • Reuse quality foundations no longer used in most modern furniture. 
  • Achieve better comfort & support
  • Limitless fabric & trim choices
  • Maintain your furniture’s comfort, size in your rooms, style and beauty by updating
  • Express your  unique personal style

When to reupholster?

  • Cushions are sagging or flat
  • Fabric is worn and faded
  • Stuffing is coming out
  • Webbing has worn out and is sagging
  • Springs are poking out
  • Your style & color scheme in your home has changed

When to slipcover instead of reupholster?

  • When your pet spends more time in the chair than you do
  • When you have small children with sticky fingers
  • When you want something you can launder when you want to
  • When you want a cheaper alternative to upholstery with a custom look


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